Its not that they know what to do (5/24/2010)


I've heard several opinions about how things work today and finally a couple fell together.  I think Glen Beck was talking about the gov't vs. God.  His point was that when God becomes just "a god" or even less, folks will turn to the most powerful thing they know of for help.  For many, the turn is to gov't for solutions.
Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, is speaking of the inability or disinterest of the federal gov't in the problems beginning to occur in La.  The concern is that oil continues to push into the Gulf of Mexico and is beginning to come inland. 
What happens when the gov't can't solve a problem and the expectations of society are frustrated?  If the gov't could fix the problem with the blown out well, we can be quite sure that they would.  In this case, the technology experts don't work for the gov't but for BP or its associates.  The gov't must wait for the technology boys to "solve" the problem.
The result of waiting makes the gov't look pretty stupid. 
In the case of the other problems that they've "solved," in my opinion, they look pretty stupid too.  The bail out of financial institutions has resulted in even deeper problems with Fannie and Freddy.  The bailouts have had an international impact and the current reasonable idea is that the world economy is hanging by a thread with any mistep by any gov't being able to cause the falling of the house of cards.  The bailout was going to save us from high unemployment and the result was high unemployment.  I'm sure you can think of a few choice failures.
I am thankful that "they" look stupid.  They obviously have no solutions to any problem.  We need less of them.  We need them to count us (census) by simply looking at their current records.  After all, they were able to mail the census documentation to me twice.  They were able to notify me that it was urgent to fill out the forms even before the due date. 


We need them to tax us simply so that they don't need an internal bureaucracy to manage a "private" tax preparation and legal industry. 


We need them to READ the constitution and recognize that their powers are limited by the document.
Ultimately, we need them to bow their collective knee to the God, the creator of the universe who is worthy of worship.  We need to replace all the poorly performing members of the gov't with moral men who still have a healthy fear of the Living God.
So much for my 2 cents worth.

Copyright 2010 Mike Fletcher