Pray without ceasing... (5/12/2011)

In 1 Thes 5:17, we find our command to pray without ceasing.
A friend posts in Facebook that she's meditating on the use of her time.  It seems that mothering, including home-schooling, leaves little time to stop at the feet of Jesus.
The grammar of the command seems to infer that one is to pray continually.  I've never questioned that meaning and don't intend to now.

I do want to play a bit with the words in answer to the mother's concern.  If we add to "pray without ceasing" the word life, the meaning can have a grand application.  Pray without ceasing LIFE.  Pray as you clear the cobwebs from your head in the morning.  Pray as you do your hygiene chores.  Pray as you stuff in that donut and as you race for the car.  Maybe you should stop for just a moment just before you shift to reverse and ask for travelling mercies throughout your day.  Pray while you drive; with your eyes open.  Pray before your meals thanking our Lord for provision.  Pray after you eat for guidance and safety for the next few hours.  Pray as you teach; for patience and successful understanding.  Thank God when you return home.  Thank Him for the deep breath and big sigh as you get to slow for a moment.  Thank Him for returning you to your bed and ask Him to give you rest and healing as you sleep.

Pray without ceasing.  You have much for which to be thankful.  You have Him who can and does provide for your every need.

Pray without ceasing LIFE.  His providence has measured your steps before you thought of them. (Prov 16:9,Prov 20:24)

Copyright 2010 Mike Fletcher